• Dr Rachel Aron spent over 25 years as a UK diplomat gaining experience of top level policy-making and corporate leadership in Whitehall and abroad, including as UK Ambassador to Belgium. She is accredited to Ashridge Business School and leads coaching assignments for senior private sector executives.
  • Sergey Batsanov served as USSR then Russian Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament after working on arms control and disarmament issues in Moscow. He was also a senior member of the secretariat of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). He is a senior practitioner and scholar in international security, arms limitation and non-proliferation.

    E: sergey.batsanov@ambassadorllp.com

  • Robert Brinkley CMG is a former UK High Commissioner to Pakistan (2006-9) and Ambassador to Ukraine (2002-6) with deep knowledge of Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan and Germany.  He has wide experience supporting companies in emerging markets on international relations and government affairs and has built a consultancy and charity portfolio since leaving the Foreign Office.
  • John Buck served as UK Ambassador to Portugal, having previously been Head of Public Diplomacy, Head of the Government’s Communication and Information Centre during the Iraq War, and then FCO Director for Iraq. He then joined leading energy multinational BG Group as Group Director, Government and Public Affairs.  At The Ambassador Partnership he specialises in the energy sector and also delivers training and coaching in negotiation, country branding and diplomatic skills.

    E: john.buck@ambassadorllp.com

  • Charles Crawford CMG is a communication consultant who has drafted speeches for members of the Royal Family, Prime Ministers and other senior figures.  He gives masterclasses in negotiation technique and public speaking / speechwriting. He is an expert on central Europe, having served as UK Ambassador in Warsaw, Belgrade and Sarajevo.

    E: charles.crawford@ambassadorllp.com

  • Peter Jenkins CMG was UK Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency and UN organisations in Vienna after serving as UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva. He specialises in trade issues, energy security and nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. He is an expert on the Iran nuclear issue.

    E: peter.jenkins@ambassadorllp.com

  • John Macgregor CVO served as UK Ambassador to Austria; Permanent Representative to the UN in Vienna; UK Governor of the International Atomic Energy Agency; Ambassador to Poland; and Director General for UK Trade & Investment in Germany.

    E: john.macgregor@ambassadorllp.com

  • Colin Munro CMG was UK Permanent Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and UK Ambassador to Croatia. He is based in Vienna, consulting on European political and security issues.