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John Buck was British Ambassador to Portugal from 2004 to 2007 before becoming Group Director Government and Public Affairs at BG Group, the UK-based global energy company since merged with Shell.


During his diplomatic career John worked on European, UN Security Council and human resource issues and was posted to Bulgaria and Cyprus as well as Portugal. He was Chief of Staff to successive Cabinet Ministers in the Cabinet Office and Head of Public Diplomacy in the Foreign Office.


John was Head of the Government Communications and Information Centre during the Iraq war of 2003, coordinating the British Government's engagement with the media. He was then seconded to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad to establish a unified civilian and military media operation, before becoming Foreign Office Director for Iraq.


John is a founding partner of the Ambassador Partnership LLP, which offers political and problem-solving consultancy services to international business. He trains senior staff in governments and international organisations in communication, negotiation, country branding and leadership skills.


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