“A great effort, many thanks for that.  It was appropriate that the course was designed for MOFA.  The role plays helped a lot to imagine what crisis management is like in the real world."


Saudi Arabia Minisry of Foreign Affairs, London, July 2019


‘Thank you for providing such useful and powerful training.  Hope you come back next year to see how much we have learned!’

‘Good balance between examples, theory and real life experience from the trainers.  Openness to questions.'


International Criminal Court (ICC), Negotiation Skills for Lawyers, November 2018


‘I want to express my thanks for one of the finest courses I have had the privilege of attending and working through such challenging exercises and interactions………….  Now I know even more and find myself more prepared to negotiate confidently in the future.'


IAEA Inspector, Managed Access Training, November 2018

‘….I would like to tell you that already in 2 specific occasions during the last week I benefited from your advice on how to write clear and effective messages…… So again a million thanks for the effective training!’


IAEA, Leadership Training, March 2018


‘Great insight into negotiation.  Really enjoyable & informative.’

‘It’s great to share experiences of such experienced diplomats and in very friendly presentation style.’

‘Very good training by experienced trainers.  Very useful for future work in an inspection team.  Thank you!’


Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Report-writing and Negotiation Skills, February 2018


“It has been a great and memorable course.  Probably the best course on communication I’ve ever had.  It has been entertaining, practical, well-structured and useful”


United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC), Public Speaking Webinars, March 2017


“Wonderful and informative presenter who was very artful in managing a lot of content, a mix of people, in a short time”

“Very well managed. Very valuable”


The British Embassy, Vienna, Masterclass in Negotiation, January 2017


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