AP Insights is published by the Ambassador Partnership LLP providing analysis and commentary by its Partners and Associates on developments in international affairs of interest to its clients and friends.

Series of AP Insights for 2016:

#14 – December 2016: A Christmas Letter, looking back at 2016

Dr Peter Collecott CMG and Richard Schiffer – Seasons Greetings!

#13 – December 2016: Rebuilding the Relationship: A Companion Piece to AP Insight #9

Ambassador Tom Pickering – The United States and Russia

#12 – November 2016: US Congress Overrides Presidential Veto of ‘9/11 Bill’

Sir William Patey KCMG – JASTA and the Threat to Sovereign Immunity

#11 – November 2016: At Home and Abroad – How will Trump proceed?

Ambassador (ret.) Robert E. Hunter – What Now for American Foreign Policy?

#10 – October 2016: US Elections: Demand for Political Change

 Dan Glickman – A Bipartisan View

#9 – October 2016: Understanding Relations between Russia and the West

 Ambassador Sergey Batsanov – Time to return to the Spirit of Reykjavik (1986)

#8 – September 2016: The Unfolding Syrian Conflict

Peter Jenkins CMGAmbassador Sergey Batsanov and James Watt CVO – No End to Syria’s Agony in Sight?

#7 – September 2016: Argentina’s Bright New Business Agenda

Jorge Stok Capella & Marcelo Colombo Murua – Argentina Re-Open for Business

#6 – September 2016: Refocusing on Turkey

Sir Stewart Eldon KCMG OBE – Turkey: A Strategic Appreciation

#5 – July 2016: Britain post EU Referendum

John Buck – Brexit through the Prism of Negotiating Technique

#4 – July 2016: Reflections on the Chilcot Report

Sir William Patey KCMG – Chilcot Report

#3 – July 2016: British Foreign Policy Beyond Brexit

James Watt CVO – British Foreign Policy after Brexit

#2 – June 2016: ‘Brexit’

Dr Peter Collecott CMG – A successful, and just, UK means staying in the EU

Charles Crawford CMG – A Leave vote will open new strategic options for the UK and Europe

#1 – April 2016: Iran

Peter Jenkins CMG – The 1979 Iranian Revolution has cast a long shadow over Western attitudes to Iran

Boyd McCleary CMG CVO reports on his recent visit to Iran, the new kid on the block